We are a small team of individuals with a big passion to help small businesses around the world to easily manage their email campaigns professionally using our simple automation tools.

1. Start with our most affordable Basic Starter Plans

Our Basic Starter plans are the best value you can get. Because we sponsor every email you send with our advertising budget, where all emails you send out from this BSP Plan will have our “Powered by Zendable.com” wordings on the bottom footer of every email you send out. A great win-win strategy for both our companies. 

2. Upgrade to next level of Advanced Business Plans

Our Advanced Business Plans are for professional companies who would like to not show our “Powered by Zendable.com” wording at the bottom footer of each email.

3. Choose our Pay-As-You-Go Plans

Pay-As-You-Go credits are valid for 12 months from purchase date. Use what you need for the full year.

Need to send more than one million emails?

Contact us today with your requirements and ask for a better price quote!

4. Choose a Dedicated IP Address

Dedicated IP’s are great for professional businesses who want to be separated from a shared group of users. This may help achieve higher success rates when sending to your customer inbox. Recommended for companies sending important information like transactional emails. 

Zendable offers 25% discount to Charities and Nonprofit organizations. Plus we sponsor gift certificates for your fund raising events.