We are a small team of individuals with a big passion to help small businesses around the world to easily manage their email campaigns professionally using our simple automation tools.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Are Freemium accounts free with 6,000 emails every month, unlimited subscribers and no credit card needed?

Yes, we try our best to make things simple for all our Freemium customers. Enjoy sending 6,000 email campaigns to 6,000 subscribers every month. And no credit card is needed with this Freemium plan.

Sending defaults are set at 50 emails per hour with daily cap at 200 emails per day. This is by default so all Freemium customers can share and enjoy the same quality service as you.


2. Can I upgrade my Freemium account to a higher plan to send more emails? Or even remove “Powered by Zendable.com” wording at the bottom of footer?

Yes, you can upgrade your plan anytime and directly from your login page. Simply click “Price Plans” and see which plan fits your needs best.


3. What payment methods are accepted?

Our web-based software platform is integrated with Paypal gateway, which will accept payment using your Paypal account, Visa or Mastercard.


4. Does your automated email marketing platform help us meet CAN-Spam and GDPR compliance and regulation?

Yes, we do have the necessary tools for you to meet these two regulations. But its still up to you as the sender to honestly input all your correct company details, add correct unsubscribe link, honor unsubscribes, and not to send spam emails including illegal products/services.

Please check to see which regulation applies to your country and keep updated with any new amendments.


5. Am I allowed to send Spam emails, or send emails to a purchased/rented email list?

Absolutely not. All ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) have a ZERO tolerance toward spammers. And we also have a ZERO tolerance policy also to help protect all our ISP partners and all our customers who only send legitimate newsletter and transactional emails to their clients.


6. How can I improve my emails to reach customer inbox, and not spam folder?

a) First, we recommend that you add a sending domain. This will match the “FROM” address of the email campaigns and will add proper DKIM signatures to your email headers, thus increasing the chances for the emails to land inbox.

Click “Domains > Sending Domains > Create New” to obtain two unique DKIM TXT records. Provide this information to your IT colleague or update these DKIM TXT records with your domain name service provider (DNR Registrar) settings panel. It should be updated in their records in 48 hours.

Then login to your Zendable account and click “Verify Domain”. Once a sending domain is verified, all future campaigns sent from the verified domain will be DKIM signed and will pass SPF validation.

b) Second, we recommend adding a tracking domain. Just add “tracking.yourdomain.com” in CNAME button in your domain name service provider (DNR Registrar) settings panel. 

Then login to your Zendable account and click “Domains” > “Tracking Domains”, enter “tracking.yourdomain.com” and press “Save Changes”. This will help track statistics showing your domain name, otherwise our Zendable default name will appear.

After drafting your campaign contents, send a test email to a unique temporary email address from this webpage https://www.mail-tester.com. A perfect spam free email should reach a score of 10/10. 


7. Under a Freemium account, why am I only able to import 10,000 contacts/subscribers?

We have limited this number to importing up to 10,000 contacts, because under Freemium account you can only send out up to 6,000 email campaigns free each month. This saves us resources, so more Freemium customers can enjoy this free service like you. 


8. Are you accepting only 2,000 volunteers as beta testers for your platform for free?

Yes, we are still in early development stage for both software and hardware infrastructure development. We hope these 2,000 volunteers as beta testers will help us initially test our micro scale infrastructure for any further bugs and errors for a smoother transition moving to a next level of testing in a small commercial scale. 


9. Where are you hosting all our company information including our campaign artworks and customer/subscriber contacts? 

All your company confidential details (including ours) are stored on dedicated servers and/or cloud servers located in specialized data centres around the world. All data centres we trust to use are equipped with biometric scanners and video surveillance to help protect both our assets.


10. I have a question which is not found here. 

Please email us at hello [AT] zendable.com. We are more than happy to help answer your questions.