We are a small team of individuals with a big passion to help small businesses around the world to easily manage their email campaigns professionally using our simple automation tools.

Anti-Spam Policy

Zendable has a ZERO TOLERANCE Policy Towards Spammers

Zendable is an email service provider (ESP) offering all our customers a platform to send only permission-based emails to their own subscribers list. Many small, medium and large corporations with are already using our services to send newsletter campaigns to their opt-in customers.

Zendable only processes permission-based opt-in email databases. Each customer needs to obtain permission from their subscribers before adding them to their address book inside Zendable dashboard account.

Zendable will never send unsolicited emails, and we do not work with any companies who do. Any customer who breaches or attempts to breach our anti-spam policy will immediately be suspended without notice.

Accepted Databases

Customers who provide their email address to receive your newsletters. Such as email addresses collected from a paper copy or webpage registration form.


Refused Databases

Databases which have been purchased, rented, copied, retrieved from the internet or obtained from any third party.