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How the Bigger Promotional Gift Companies use Automated Email Marketing Platforms to Gain Double Digit Profits Each Year in the $24 Billion Dollar a Year Industry.

Are you still slightly lagging in technology by emailing your customers new products/catalogues/specials/trade show invitations the slow and painful way such taking days or weeks to send using Outlook or Outlook Express, and still using cc or bcc? And having to handle all the returned hard bounces and unsubscribe requests? 

Not very professional, but it’s okay, we were doing the same things learning the hard way, that is until 5 years ago when we knew better alternatives to save time, money, and unnecessary manpower.

How would you like to start using our web-based platform to start designing your email campaign without needing to know any line of coding or even how to use Photoshop editing software? Over 200 responsive email templates to choose from, plus our drag and drop editor can help you get from start to finish before your Boss comes back from his bathroom break.

How about sending your emails to thousands to millions of customers in a click of a button? Go for a coffee/lunch break, and then watch our stats showing you number of individual emails sent, number & percentage of open emails, details of all recipients who clicked your landing page/newsletter campaign.

Imagine if 6,000 free emails under our Freemium plan could give you details on the numbers of interested companies who clicked your email? Then followed up by your top sales staff with a call the same or next day to see if they needed any help with sourcing promotional products? If 300 clicks were received, that would average 10 follow up calls per day. Much better than calling all 200 customers a day/6,000 customers per month.

This is how the bigger and smarter promotional gift companies operate, running the sales & marketing program using automated email marketing platforms like ours to target quality leads. Saving tens of thousands to millions from the traditional way of hiring more sales staff at Usd 30,000 – Usd 60,000 per year and only providing them with a nice desk, telephone line, a computer and marketing leads. The amount of savings could help you buy and add more new products to add into your next catalogue or trade show.

Our starter plans range from free 6,000 emails per month, and the next level is only Usd 10/month for sending 30,000 emails per month. Next tiers are Usd 20 for 60,000 emails, and Usd 30 for 100,000 emails. (Yes, you read correctly, Usd 10 – about a meal for two at McDonald’s. Usd 20 – about 6 cups of Starbucks coffee for all your staff/colleagues, Usd 30 – a family meal at KFC enough for a small company size).

What are you waiting for? Let us help you grow your business by starting our 6,000 email credits per month Freemium Plan. After you streamline your company operations and grow more customers, then you can treat us to some food from McDonald’s, Starbucks or KFC. All our staffs at Zendable are working hard for you, and we all love these three big brands too.

This is how the big boys in the promotional gift industry grow their business successfully each year. And this method can work just as easily for your small and medium sized business too. Get started today!

Are you a member of these promotional gift associations? APPA, ASI, BPMA, EPPA, PROMOTA, PPAI, PPAG, PPPC, WAGE? Start with our Freemium plan, and when you upgrade to a paid plan, we can offer you a 20% discount off list price. Just email us at hello [AT] zendable.com with your membership number and we will provide you with the correct discount code.