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Press Release

Meet Zendable, The Automated Email Marketing App That All CEO's Love.

HONG KONG, Date /Business Wire/ — With the fast development of a modern technological world, more and more business is now conducted online, rather than face-to-face. It is, therefore, more important than ever to have an effective and far-reaching email presence in order to interact with existing customers, as well as to reach new ones. Typing out individual emails to each and every correspondent is an extremely long-winded process, and not an effective use of your time, particularly when the vast majority may never reply to the message.

This is where Zendable comes in. The brand-new automated email marketing company is looking to take the industry by storm with its revolutionary new services. Zendable’s software allows customers to important contacts, use over 200 templates to design an email or create one from scratch, and schedule messages to send at personalized times. 

Customers are also able to take an in-depth look at their campaign statistics through Zendable, allowing them to see which recipients opened and engaged with messages, as well as information on hard bounces, unsubscribes, geographical locations, and more. This allows your marketing team to react to campaign responses and cater them to suit the needs of the recipients.

While there are other services out there that offer email marketing software, Zendable stands head and shoulders above the competition on both pricing and customer service. Unlike some, Zendable makes each and every tool available to customers, even if they are using the free version. They also do not restrict the number of templates and contacts available to free subscription customers.

Clients can achieve the full range of services from Zendable for free on the company’s Freemium Plan. This allows for unlimited subscribers, 200 emails per day, 6,000 emails per month, over 200 email templates, advanced statistics, editing software, and more. Zendable also offers five other packages to ensure that your business receives the care it needs, from the $10 USD per month Starter Pack to the $70 USD Advanced Business Plan.

Not only this, but Zendable customers have the chance to influence exactly how the service is changed and developed in the near future. As a small, but passionate start-up, Zendable are now looking for 2,000 beta testers in order to receive detailed feedback on their services. This will allow them to adapt, add to, and change the software to ensure that it fully meets the needs and standards set by customers. 

Once they are proven ready, Zendable then plans to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo around end of 2024 in order to gain further funding. After they receive the money to develop into a small commercial scale environment, all backers and supporters will be granted an incredible 50% off all email marketing price plans.

Zendable welcomes any and all feedback from their customers and is determined to keep working on their service until it is perfect for each and every client.

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