We are a small team of individuals with a big passion to help small businesses around the world to easily manage their email campaigns professionally using our simple automation tools.

Kickstarter & Indiegogo Crowdfunding
Campaign Launch


Coming soon!

1. When will your Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns start?

We are inviting about 2,000 beta testers to help us test drive our software and hardware infrastructure, and they are free to send up to 6,000 emails every month free of charge. Hopefully we can improve on the user experience and fix any bugs and errors before launching our campaign on these two platforms. But we should be ready by end of 2024.

2. How long will your campaigns be running for?

We are aiming for a 60-day campaign period. Hopefully all our beta testers will tell their friends, relatives, colleagues, suppliers and colleagues about how our email marketing platform can help them save time and increase business too.

3. Are there any discounts when ordering on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

Yes, we will be offering a 70% discount on both platforms, only in the first week of campaign launch. Thereafter expect the discounts to be reduced each week from 70% to 30%.

4. Why such a big discount of up to 50% off regular list price?

First, we wanted to really show our appreciation to all beta testers for spending their valuable time to help test our platform and providing us with valuable knowledge and suggestions. Also, we wanted to sincerely thank all the early backers who buy from us in the first week of campaign.

5. How much money are you asking to raise?

For our crowdfunding campaign, we will be aiming to raise Usd 10,000 amount to start. If we can reach this funding amount in the very first day of campaign, it would be amazing and encouraging for us to work harder. 

6. Why only Usd 10,000?

Currently we are running on a very small pilot test scale, which we have fully funded with our internal resources. With Usd 10,000 of new orders (at discounted prices), we will be able to have confidence to expand our operations with these funds to run on a small commercial scale for one year.


7. What happens if you exceed this amount?

When we do achieve much greater funding from backers, we will do our best to duplicate and expand our pilot test infrastructure to a capacity similar to a medium sized Email Service Provider.     

8. Why Kickstarter and Indiegogo?

Each of these platforms has their own database of 15,000,000 backers, and most are either entrepreneurs themselves or working for private businesses. Targeting our campaign to an audience size of 30,000,000 combined should give us enough market research for the demand services, and how far we can potentially grow our business in the near future.

Campaign Details

Email Marketing The SMARTER Way With Our Automated Email Marketing Tools (Not The Harder Way)

Many small and medium size business try their best effort to grow their business using marketing methods including email marketing. But shortly after attempting this great idea, they often run into many obstacles such as the below.


1) Sending any large amount of emails through their current service provider will result in spam complaints, with written warnings to discontinue their service but yet need to still pay for all outstanding amounts till the end of their long contract.

2) Most ISP broadband companies and email hosting companies have very strict limitations on the number of emails sent per hour and per day.

3) Applying for additional broadband IP or SMTP addresses will be costly and commitment periods of 12-36 months.

4) Designing an email campaign with a landing page can be difficult for most users without an in-house graphic designer. And to find a graphic design house to do this will be costly and inconvenient.

5) Small companies still copy and past their customer email addresses in either cc or bcc format, which result an unprofessional image and breach of your customer privacy data.

6) Cleaning your customer email list from hard bounces and unsubscribe requests will involve too many frustrating hours, days and even weeks to meet GDPR Regulation and CAN-Spam Compliance.

7) Sending emails to your customer list and not knowing who opened and clicked with potential interest to your email campaign. 


Small companies are owned by very smart people because they are all entrepreneurs with their own special skills, products and services to offer. 

Entrepreneurs will find all means to solve any limitations, especially when it comes to email marketing. And we at Zendable have the perfect tools to help them succeed the SMARTER way. 

Only a few Simple Steps to a Successful Campaign

1) Start by registering your Freemium account at www.zendable.com
2) Design your email campaign or choose from over 200 email templates.
3) Import subscribers to your customer list in either csv of txt format.
4) Set your preferred sending schedule and press send.
5) Analyze statistical reports from your successfully sent campaign.
6) Upgrade to a higher plan when you grow more customers.

Case Study:

How the Bigger Promotional Gift Companies use Automated Email Marketing Platforms to Gain Double Digit Profits Each Year in the $24 Billion Dollar a Year Industry.

Are you still slightly lagging behind in technology by emailing your customers new products catalogues specials/trade show invitations the slow and painful way such taking days or weeks to send using Outlook/Outlook Express, and still using cc or bcc? And having to handle all the returned hard bounces and unsubscribe requests?

Definitely not very professional, but it’s okay, we were doing exactly the same things learning the hard way, that is until 5 years ago when we knew better alternatives to save time, money, and unnecessary manpower.

How would you like to start using our web based platform to start designing your email campaign without needing to know any line of coding or even how to use Photoshop editing software? Over 200 existing templates to choose from, plus our drag and drop editor can help you get from start to finish before your Boss comes back from his bathroom break.

How about sending your emails to thousands to millions of customers in a click of a button? Go for a coffee/lunch break, and then watch our stats showing you number of individual emails sent, number & percentage of open emails, details of all recipients who clicked your landing page/newsletter campaign.

Imagine if 6,000 free emails under our Freemium plan could give you details on the numbers of interested companies who clicked your email? Then followed up by your top sales staff with a call the same or next day to see if they needed any help with sourcing promotional products? If 300 clicks were received, that would average 10 follow up calls per day. Much better than calling all 200 customers a day/6,000 customers per month.

This is how the bigger and smarter promotional gift companies operate by targeting quality leads, running the sales & marketing program using automated email marketing platforms like ours. Saving tens of thousands to millions from traditional way of hiring more sales staff at Usd 30,000 – Usd 60,000 per year and only providing them with a nice desk, telephone line, a computer and marketing leads. The amount of savings could help you buy and add more new products to add into your next catalogue or trade show.

Our starter plans range from Freemium 6,000 emails per month, and the next level is only Usd 10/month for sending 30,000 emails per month. Next tiers are Usd 20 for 60,000 emails, and Usd 30 for 100,000 emails. (Yes, you read correctly, Usd 10 – about a meal for two at McDonald’s. Usd 20 – about 6 cups of Starbucks coffee for all you staff/colleagues, Usd 30 – a family meal at KFC enough for a small company size).

What are you waiting for? Let us help you grow your business by starting our 6,000 email credits per month plan. After you streamline your company operations and grow more customers, then you can buy us some food from McDonalds, Starbucks or KFC. All our staffs at Zendable.com are working hard for you, and we all love these three big brands too.

This is how the big boys in the promotional gift industry grow their business successfully each year. And this method can work in any small and medium business model too. Like the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them.

Our Donation to Your Charity of Choice – Smart Email Marketing with a Charitable Heart

 We believe in the good deeds Charities have to offer to make this world a better place for all the under privileged. 

Upon our successful crowdfunding campaign, we will offer free 1,000,000 Pay-As-You-Go email credits to Charitable Organization around the world for one full year.

Amount of Charities we can sponsor highly depends on the total amount of funds raised on this crowdfunding campaign.


Total Funding         Charities Benefited       Reward for each Charity
Usd      10,000          – First 10 Charities          – 1,000,000 PAYG email credits
Usd      50,000          – First 50 Charities          – 1,000,000 PAYG email credits
Usd    100,000          – First 100 Charities        – 1,000,000 PAYG email credits
Usd    500,000          – First 500 Charities        – 1,000,000 PAYG email credits
Usd    750,000          – First 750 Charities        – 1,000,000 PAYG email credits
Usd 1,000,000          – First 1,000 Charities    – 1,000,000 PAYG email credits

Scenario of funds raised if each Charity below sends a newsletter campaign to their list of donors, and all of them contribute only a single dollar each.

Charities   Emails Sent  Donation   Possible Donations from Funds Raised
1)       10     x 1 million     x US $1       = Usd   10 Million
2)       50     x 1 million     x US $1       = Usd   50 Million
3)     100     x 1 million     x US $1       = Usd 100 Million
4)     500     x 1 million     x US $1       = Usd 500 Million
5)     750     x 1 million     x US $1       = Usd 750 Million
6)  1,000     x 1 million     x US $1       = Usd     1 Billion 
7) Etc……

The more pre-orders we receive, the more we can all donate to Charity. Pre-orders with the most dollar amount can choose one charity of their choice. So top 10 spenders can choose one charity organization each with a total of 10 Charities for our Usd 10,000 successful crowdfunding category. And 1,000 top spenders can choose one charity organization each with a total of 1,000 charities for our Usd 1,000,000 successful crowdfunding category.

Referral Contest

Refer all your friends, relatives, colleagues, suppliers and customers. The more you refer, the more you will be rewarded.

Total Referred Amount    Reward
1) Usd 1,000                           10,000 ZeroBounce email verification credits.
2) Usd 2,500                           25,000 ZeroBounce email verification credits.
3) Usd 3,500                           75,000 ZeroBounce email verification credits.
4) Usd 5,000                         100,000 ZeroBounce email verification credits.

ZeroBounce is one of the leading email list cleaning and verification service providers to filter out most of your invalid emails, spamtraps, honeypots and complainers. Achieve higher success rate to your customers inbox.

We are proud to have ZeroBounce email verification service integrated into our web based automated email marketing platform. This service helps both us and our customers achieve sending higher success rates to inboxes.

This round of funding will achieve:

1) Sufficient funds to expand into the next level from a small pilot scale infrastructure for initial testing to a small sized commercial infrastructure. 

2) Successfully open for business to all small businesses starting January 2021 to fulfill our promises to all customers and Charities we promised to support.

3) Establishing ourselves with a name in the email marketing industry as a rapidly growing Email Service Provider (ESP) thanks to all our customers and media attention from this Kickstarter & Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign.

Risks and Challenges:

Every new start-up company comes with risks. But we truly believe ours will be fairly limited since we have done all our due diligence through beta testing from hundreds of volunteer’s months before we started this crowdfunding campaign. 

And the commitment from our partnership with a team of IT Experts having years of experience in the email marketing industry gives us the extra confidence to solving any future obstacles that may occur as we grow on a larger commercial scale.