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Report Abuse



Zendable.com is a reputable email marketing company that provides service to companies all around the world. 

With all our customers sending campaigns to millions of recipients, we’re bound to get some complaints and abuse reports.

We take all unsubscribe and abuse report complaints seriously, if you believe a customer of ours is sending unsolicited and or spam email, please either do the following:

1. Click “Unsubscribe Button” in Senders email

Click the “Unsubscribe Button” at the bottom of the email campaign which you have received from our customer, who you do not want to receive future emails from. (Advantage of this is our program will automatically block this single customer from sending any more emails to you in the future.)

2. Add Your Email Address to our Global Blacklist

Enter your email address in the box below here to add in our global blacklist directory. After entering your email address, none of our Zendable customers can send you any emails in the future. 

Advantage of this is our program will automatically block all customers from sending any email to you in the future.

Disadvantage is if any other customer using our service is sending you important transactional emails like invoices, password resets or even genuine emails like newsletters, etc… which you may want or need to receive, then you will not receive these either.

Global Blacklist Directory!

Don’t Worry! We hate SPAM as much as you do!